Exhibition Training

The Exhibitionists!

Fancy a little bit of show and sell? Exhibitions are big business, and companies like yours may spend thousands of pounds ensuring that their company is represented at major trade shows and exhibitions, often because they cannot afford not to be seen there. You spend thousands of pounds on your stand, on exotic graphics and glossy marketing collateral and then blow the rest of your promotions budget on gimmicky giveaways, but all this money is wasted if exhibition staff aren’t trained in how to engage with and sell to visitors.

Our research has shown that nearly 90% of sales staff don’t achieve sales targets at shows.  In fact, many haven’t even thought about specific targets at all, and just wait to see what turns up.  That is all about to change!  Imagine the impact of 10% sales increase as a result of your major show.  How would that make you feel?  How would that help your business right now? A quick call to us will help to ensure you maximise your presence at this year’s trade fairs.

Don’t spoil the ship for a Ha’pworth of Tar!

Fantastic, expensive and high impact stands resourced by shy and retiring staff is money down the drain!  Is the Great British Reserve undermining your business?

The “Exhibitionists” programme will help your staff to understand the human dynamic, conquer their fears of engaging with people they don’t know, and strike up meaningful conversations with thousands of potential customers.

The benefits to you:

  • Double the number of business leads generated at a single event
  • Strong brand awareness through memorable interaction
  • Higher impact trade shows
  • Cold contacts transformed into hot leads
  • … and you’ll obliterate the competition
  • A more profitable trade show for everyone!

The benefits to your stand staff:

  • More confidence to talk to people
  • Improved ability to understand customer needs
  • A better understand of promoting your products and services
  • High-energy working days
  • A more enjoyable show

Remember!  Your stand doesn’t sell your products – your staff do!

We can put together a carefully tailored approach for your team and your products to ensure your budget never gets squandered again.  We can even provide you with some show-savvy exhibition staff to work alongside your own people.

Remember, it takes just one call to us to make that difference: 01926 411223, or email us at exhibitionists@catapultconsulting.co.uk